What's Your Resolution?

It’s that time of year again. What’s your resolution? They start to become cliché after a while…lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with the kids, and not work so hard. Or maybe pick up a new activity - learn the guitar, start a blog or become a volunteer. We start off well-intentioned, but we often fall short. We think the biggest reason is that “we don’t have the time”.

Time is of course finite. We’ve yet to hear someone who has a work-life balance problem where the issue is too much “life”. You don’t hear resolutions like “spend more time at the office” or “attend fewer of my kid’s events”. The vast majority of us have to work of course, but how many years are we going to continue letting work creep into our nights and weekends and vacations? How many years are we going to go into the office with a plan for the day only to have it unravel after that first email check and have to be late to the hockey game, or late for dinner, or have to apologize to your significant other for “having to do some work tonight”.

We beat the dead horse saying that nothing is more valuable than time. But we think…no actually we KNOW…reducing interruptions can return a bunch of it to you. It’s not always quick or easy. And no, we don’t have complete control over everything. And yeah, to change the results you are going to have to, well, change and be open to trying new approaches. But it’s worth it.

Try our intro email course. It’s free, except for the time you spend to read 7 (what we think are) helpful emails. They are short 1-2 minute reads with tips you can implement immediately. This helps you get control individually. After that, consider letting us help your department or organization transform how the group works together. Who knows, maybe you’ll lose 10 pounds, drop your blood pressure, see your kid get the lead-off double at the baseball game, and learn that guitar solo along the way.