The Seven Principles

Our passion at 7 Interruptions is to help organizations and the people who work in them, be more effective at achieving THEIR passion at work. The advice, recommendations and tools we share with clients are all rooted in 7 principles. This is an intro to a series of blog posts explaining those principles. Here’s the list and the shortest possible explanation of each.

  1. Work Mindfully
    Awareness of not just your work, but the context of your work, how it connects to the work of others and how it fits in the overall organizational mission is critical.
  2. Work On Only One Thing At A Time
    Other than really basic physical tasks like chewing gum and walking, doing 2 things at the same time is a productivity illusion.
  3. Make Your Work Visible
    If the right people know what you’re working on and your progress on it, coordinating work and avoiding interruption is considerably easier than otherwise.
  4. Turn Off Notifications
    You can only work on one thing at a time if your electronic devices aren’t constantly interrupting you.
  5. Make Meetings and Collaboration Count
    When the number of trivial interruptions drop, it makes room for your interactions with others to have much greater value. Give collaboration and meetings the effort they deserve and make them count.
  6. Practice, Teach and Coach
    All of the skills needed to fulfill your organization’s mission need constant sharpening. That requires regular practice by those working to get better, teaching by those who have more skills than others and coaching to coordinate those efforts.
  7. Track and Measure
    When you track and measure the efforts of those in your organization against key metrics rooted in it’s mission, you can see progress and steer those efforts.

There is much more behind each of these principles, but, even in their basic form, they offer a powerful path to a more effective organization.