Self Qualify Checklist

Can 7I Help My Organization?

We HATE wasting our time and we hate wasting your time. But we of course are looking to add to our client base because our passion is making our customers more productive. So we have to use a little bit of each other’s time to determine if there is a fit.

We don’t think everyone should be our client, so the quicker we get to “No, we aren’t a good fit for each other” is actually a win for both of us.

Here are a few identifiers of organizations that could be a good fit:

· You have at least $1.5 million in payroll. Time is a company’s scarcest resource and payroll is often its largest expense. If we can turn just 10% of that unproductive time into value added activities, the ROI makes sense.

· You have 20 or more employees. This kind of ties to payroll, but with the higher number of employees there is just that much more complexity. There may be times where it makes sense for fewer, but this is a good rule-of-thumb.

· You are growing and you have decided to add (or are thinking of adding) more employees. We’ve been able to streamline our client’s operations so they could avoid adding to overhead.

· If you compete on service level. Or speed. Or cost. Wait, that’s pretty much everyone. But seriously if you are looking to get control over and tighten up your processes, we can help.

· If you notice that much of your work or tasks are managed via paper, email chains, shared spreadsheets, phone calls, or walk-ups, we can help get control and provide visibility across your organization.

If most (or some) of these sound like your organization, let’s have a 15-20 minute call to discuss further.