More And More Companies Banning Internal Email

Fast Company's recent article "Inside The Company That Got Rid Of Email" has a title that might lead you to believe that kicking the email inbox to the curb is a singular occurrence. But, articles like "I Banned Email At My Company" have been bubbling up in various outlets. They detail how companies are realizing that email is ill-suited to many of the tasks organizations ask it to perform. Companies are dumping email for internal use (most are still keeping it for external communication).

That resonates strongly with us here at 7 Interruptions. For those companies that can make the cultural leap and work through the transition (and we can help with that if you're interested), moving things like task management and sharing information out of email and into tools better suited to manage them leads to major improvements in productivity.

Our workshops help your team understand why email often fails in these tasks. They also show better ways to do those things like task management (even sticking with email if your situation points to that as the best solution for your group). And, if the needs point to tools tailored to how your organization works, we have a great platform for doing just that.

Maybe it's time to start thinking about making your organization email free and banning it. And, if that's just too extreme, it's still probably time to think about whether how your organization uses email is leading to tons of unnecessary interruptions.