Explaining Our Offering

We have a pretty interesting issue at 7 Interruptions – how do we quickly communicate our unique offering? It’s normal to try to categorize companies that are calling on you, trying to sell you something, so we hear questions like:

· “Are you consultants?”

· “So you are selling a software package?”

· “Are you productivity advisors?”

· “Are you custom software developers?”

When we finally get a few precious seconds of your time, the last thing we want to do is not be clear or direct. But, the reality is that what we are offering is, well, a bit different.

We have tailored our offering to provide solutions that deal with the following realities:

· People are continually being interrupted, and this makes half of their time unproductive.

· An organization’s processes, culture, and vocabulary are unique.

· Processes are constantly changing (being created, modified, or ending).

It would certainly be much easier if you weren’t unique or if processes always stayed the same, but we’ve decided to acknowledge the facts. For most businesses, a great opportunity exists to unleash productivity, but the solutions need to be tailored for your unique situation, and there’s a requirement to acknowledge the realities of continual change. Thus, here is what 7I’s offering includes:

· Assessment of the processes that are causing unnecessary interruptions - and process/system design of solutions. By setting organizational rules and using software tools, we can recover much of this time. We work to quantify tangible and intangible ROI, and target a payback for you of 6-9 months.

· A software-as-a-service platform that allows us to develop custom solutions 10x faster than standard custom application development.

· A long-term support and advisory model to incorporate process changes, foster continual improvement, and remove employee turnover risk.

Our goal is to work with you over time to provide solutions for your unique processes in order to make the most of your payroll investment. So yes, we are consultants/advisors, we do have software, and we can create custom solutions, but it is how we package and support these over the long run as our product/service that makes us unique.